Your opinion, my opinion

Video Installation at the Bible Museum, Amsterdam [21-01-2012] till [04-02-2012]

At this exhibition I also collected some new prayers for the continuation of my earlier project: Prayer: a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God

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Get Inked!

My friend Edu gave me the honor to put one of my old drawings on his arm. How cool is that? Yes, I was nervous and a bit shaky.. but come on; It was my first try on someone else’s skin ..nevertheless, practice makes perfect.



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We Are Pattern Searching Animals

Watch the preview of my latest short film [frame by frame animation].

The movie was created/produced in my room.

Watch the full version on Wolff Independents and enjoy.

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SALON/ is an initiative that creates a crossover experience to inspire and instigate a discussion and dialogue between art, design and fashion. 
SALON/ initiates both an offline and an online platform to endorse artists and designers and to generate a reflection

In November 2011 I participated in this event/exhibition by showing a video installation in a protestant chapel together with some Aruban artists
                                          photo by: Nadine Salas | title: “have a nice day” by Ken Wolff

I also made a video documentations of a presentation “table dress cloth” in a form of art performance and an audio- and video- installation. Watch more on Wolff Independents

    Painted Table Dress                                          Requiem for a Monument

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Pinhole Camera II [3 holes]

Handmade pinhole panorama Camera with 3 holes. Made out of carton and 3 thin pieces of copperplates for the pinholes. As result I expected to get 3 images in 1 panoramic frame. Instead of that I got endless possibilities and combinations with the 3 holes, double exposures where the images blends and crazy psychedelic perspectives.



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In sept 2011 I officially launched my company and website Wolff Independents.

Wolff Independents is a media production company mainly focusing on creative music videos, animations and short films. The Company was founded in 2011 and is based in Amsterdam. 
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Real Time In Slow Motion

Exhibition: Rosea Nobo, Aruba | Video Installation (2011)

An expression of my experience going through a short moment of panic/trauma caused by a car accident. Some people see their life flashes before their eyes. I see slow motion.

This is 1 of a series of 3 video installation
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