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Born in Aruba. Living in the Netherlands. Attending the Rietveld art Academy (Amsterdam). Arts, animation and videoproducer. Visit my Blog at

Your opinion, my opinion

Video Installation at the Bible Museum, Amsterdam [21-01-2012] till [04-02-2012] At this exhibition I also collected some new prayers for the continuation of my earlier project: Prayer: a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God Advertisements

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Get Inked!

My friend Edu gave me the honor to put one of my old drawings on his arm. How cool is that? Yes, I was nervous and a bit shaky.. but come on; It was my first try on someone else’s skin ..nevertheless, practice makes … Continue reading

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We Are Pattern Searching Animals

Watch the preview of my latest short film [frame by frame animation]. The movie was created/produced in my room. Watch the full version on Wolff Independents and enjoy.

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SALON/ is an initiative that creates a crossover experience to inspire and instigate a discussion and dialogue between art, design and fashion. 
SALON/ initiates both an offline and an online platform to endorse artists and designers and to generate a … Continue reading

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Pinhole Camera II [3 holes]

Handmade pinhole panorama Camera with 3 holes. Made out of carton and 3 thin pieces of copperplates for the pinholes. As result I expected to get 3 images in 1 panoramic frame. Instead of that I got endless possibilities and combinations … Continue reading

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In sept 2011 I officially launched my company and website Wolff Independents. Wolff Independents is a media production company mainly focusing on creative music videos, animations and short films. The Company was founded in 2011 and is based in Amsterdam. 

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Real Time In Slow Motion

Exhibition: Rosea Nobo, Aruba | Video Installation (2011) An expression of my experience going through a short moment of panic/trauma caused by a car accident. Some people see their life flashes before their eyes. I see slow motion. This is 1 of a … Continue reading

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