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We Are Pattern Searching Animals

Watch the preview of my latest short film [frame by frame animation]. The movie was created/produced in my room. Watch the full version on Wolff Independents and enjoy. Advertisements

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Prayer: a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God

Exhibition: SFINX (2010) For this project I collected prayers for colleagues, friends and family. These prayers used as a projection coming out of an organ pipe at the “Orgelpark” in Amsterdam. The Exhibition was given by a group of Rietveld … Continue reading

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Boyman was designed and animated in may 2006. I made a series of 10 cartoons where the stories are at least two times shorter than the intro itself.

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Big Dream Small World

This is a painting related to the animation video below.                          This was the actual work. It’s an animation about a guy trying to fit into the world.

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Giants on my Window

  I started 2009 by launching this animated music video. Music by DATAPANIK – “Giants on my Window” Pen, pencil and ink on A4  

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1 Minutes

2008 Dick Tuinder (dutch artist and film director) gave a video workshop at the Ateliers ’89 in Aruba where I assisted him and helped him organize a “1 Minute Video Award”. I showed these were the 3 videos.

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Self Reflection

In 2008 I participated in a theatrical art project directed by artist and choreographer Alydia Wever. The show “One in Soul” started with my piece together with some modern dancers choreographed by Alydia.

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