Prayer: a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God

Exhibition: SFINX (2010)
For this project I collected prayers for colleagues, friends and family. These prayers used as a projection coming out of an organ pipe at the “Orgelpark” in Amsterdam. The Exhibition was given by a group of Rietveld students and coordinated by a small group of Rietvelds teachers and the direction of the orgelpark.

This animation was projected vertically.
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Mural III Owl Aruba

(2009) Mural Owl Aruba | Balashi

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Caught in a box

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Mural II

                                        Mural (NL) by Ken Wolff

This Mural was done in Haarlem (2010). It was exhibited together with the stop motion video below. The theme of the exhibition was “speed”. Kevin Schuit, Hanna Polack and Jess Wolff also presented their art pieces at this exhibition.

This video is about the the unregistered information between film frames.

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Boyman was designed and animated in may 2006. I made a series of 10 cartoons where the stories are at least two times shorter than the intro itself.

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Sticker Fever

Stickers by Ken Wolff
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Collection 2010

Collection 2010 by Ken Wolff

I never finished the fourth collection. The robots definitely took over the control.

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